The true enemy: Probing US motives in the war of aggression in Libya

For the United States, the war of transgression in Libya is necessary for noble, humanitarian reasons. Again, the aggressor is banking on one of its most overused lies in history.

As the Libyan uprising enters its fourth week, United States of America (US) and European forces fired 110 missiles and unleashed warplanes against dictator Moammar Gadhafi. It was the biggest barrage of air strikes in the Arab world since the Iraq War. The US-led coalition claims that the massive attack was needed to protect the Libyan people from Gadhafi’s 42-year repressive rule.

This is not true. After the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan, history stands witness to how US tried to justify external intervention by stating humanitarian objectives, when the true intention is to gain control over its oil reserves. Libya, after all, is the largest producer of oil in the African continent.

Indeed, the history of US’ external intervention only establishes the fact that such a measure only privileges the economic interests of the aggressor. Ultimately, it was the Libyan people who had to bear the costs of US’ coercive measures. The supposed gains far outweigh the consequences: hundreds of lives lost, buildings and homes destroyed, an entire state living in fear and chaos while its people never had the chance to end the autocratic regime themselves. In the US “war against terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 5,800 people died in what is supposed to be a humanitarian effort.

The superpower claims that it only wants to liberate the people from regimes that do not respect human rights. The greatest irony is that it is undermining the people’s right to self-determination, and at the same time indiscriminately bombarding Libya with missiles. Nevermind if the missiles could kill civilians. Nevermind if it could leave the country in ruins. For US and its allies, they are just doing the Libyan people a huge favor.

It is in this context that the College Editors Guild of the Philippines opposes US’ war against the people of Libya. The underlying motives of US have been bared in many instances throughout history. For instance, it has constantly supported anti-people dictatorships until the public resistance has become too fierce and unwavering, and it has realized that there is no longer any gain in supporting the regime.

Libya and the Philippines, in this case, are similar. In Philippine history, US, under its much used guise of “white man’s burden,” has intervened in our struggle for independence and seized the power for itself. US continues to maintain its hold over the country as a neo-colony, as seen in the continuing Balikatan exercises, in which 6,000 US troops will join the Filipino soldiers in war training.

True enough, at this point, the true enemy of the Libyan people is the superpower that claims to be their liberator. In solidarity with Libya’s struggle for independence, it is necessary to unmask the aggressor and expose its imperial motives.

Oppose the US-Led Foreign Military intervention of Libya!
Advance the Struggle for Genuine National Sovereignty and Democracy!
People of MENA, Onward to Liberation!