“What more superficial jobs are yet to come for the unemployed?” – CEGP-NCR

“What more superficial jobs are waiting for the unemployed?” – CEGP-NCR

As the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) encourages anyone who holds any Baccalaureate Degree to apply to their office and serve as a police officer, the security Filipinos deserve is being put in a coma, again.

Just to reach the police-to-population ratio of 1:50, NCRPO Chief Director Nicanor Bartolome is proving how incompetent they are becoming by getting an additional 510 recruits from the range of jobless degree holders who did not undergo proper training for the job.

“College Editors Guild of the Philippines – National Capital Region believes that after the tolerated call center recruitments to cover up the administration’s lack of programs for the graduates, the government is now trying to cover up their insufficiency by making a new scheme to hide the seriously increasing unemployment rate in the country. What more superficial jobs are waiting for the unemployed?” Antonino C. Perdigon Jr, CEGP-NCR chairperson said in reaction to NCRPO Chief Bartolome’s words of encouragement for unemployed college graduates.

“It is only evident that the government compromises its people and is doing its dirty tactics again to hide the reality that four years of hardship in college will only be put to waste with only underemployment and unemployment embracing the graduates at the end of the day,” Perdigon concluded. ###