April 1 is widely recognized and celebrated as a day that tolerates practical jokes and general foolishness. As for P-noy’s administration, the fourth and final tranche of toll hike at the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) is their major blow-out.

“We are now convinced that the administration is determined to let loose and have the general public take a forked, now pricey path P-noy has promised to straighten but failed to do since day 1, instead.” Antonino C. Perdigon Jr, CEGP-NCR chairperson said in response to the final toll hike that will take effect midnight Friday.

“It is still impossible for the Filipinos to recover from a series of price hike imposed on basic commodities as such with rice products as a direct effect of the uncontrollable oil price hike. Yet again, they have completed a decision that will just aggravate the situation.” Perdigon added.

For class 1 or private vehicles traveling the Alabang to Calamba stretch, the toll fee will go up to P86 from P82 in March and P22 last year. Class 2 vehicles will pay P172 from the previous P154, while class 3 vehicles will be charged P258 compared to P246 this month.

“SLTC spokesperson Alma Tuason’s confidence that motorists would understand the increase, given the major improvements on SLEX, is an impossible joke. The minimum wage plus the left and right crisis we suffer from today evidently proves otherwise. These happenings are all disheartening.” Perdigon concluded.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines – National Capital Region believes that this is a predicament far from what Tuason thinks agreeable. A 250% toll increase is the least needed foolishness one would never tolerate, staggered or not.

It may be the joke that is April Fool’s, but the truth behind the government’s approval on a 250% increase in SLEx toll rates and the fact that this will not only last for a day, is never practical.