Campus journalists call for a comprehensive analysis of the Soliman demolition

Press Statement
July 4, 2011

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) – Mindanao, an alliance of tertiary student publications, expressed support to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, while at the same time urged for a comprehensive analysis of the Soliman demolition.


The CEGP believes that more than just the issue of the mayor punching the sheriff, the issue on “housing rights” must be given specific focus. “It all boils down to respecting the rights of the urban poor, of a people that are not supposed to be squatters to their own lands. The state that is supposed to be safeguarding such rights of the people must be building more shelters and must not be the fascist agents in destroying houses,” said Paul Randy P. Gumanao, CEGP Vice President for Mindanao.


Gumanao added that  “(W)hile CEGP recognizes that beating the sheriff should have been the least possible outcome of the incident, we praise the mayor for being consistent in standing by her people from whom her power emanates.”


He said that “while Mayor Duterte may have violated the right of one person, she defended the rights of hundred poor constituents. I do not see the logic why some people overly reacted to the punching of the mayor. They say it is violent. Yes, it is violent. But, how about demolitions? Aren’t these events more violent?”

The CEGP believes that all government officials whose powers come from the people should do the same courageous act of Duterte in defending as well as upholding the welfare of the majority. More than just protecting her self-image, Mayor Sarah Duterte did what she had to do


“Campus journalists and members of CEGP, must actualize what is meant by ‘student publications as alternative media’ especially now that the guild is celebrating its 80th anniversary. While the mainstream media talk about the mayor punching the sheriff, let us, the campus journalists, discuss the incident as something not isolated from the bigger picture of injustices, poverty and class oppression in the Philippines. Let a comprehensive analysis be done,” concluded Gumanao. ###


For reference: Paul Randy P. Gumanao

CEGP Vice President for Mindanao



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