Call for help

Vilma Santostuno, a Guild alumna (The Catalyst),is suffering from Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and complex partial seizure/ epilepsy. SJS is a life-threatening skin condition, while complex partial seizure could lead to a stroke or worse, death. Aside from moral support, she also needs financial assistance to cover for her medical expenses. You can contact her through (+632)947-8623710.

Also, Guild alumnus Jhun Tanjusay (The FEATInian, batch 87-90) needs blood donors for his 82-year-old mother, Florencia. She is currently confined at Veterans Memorial Medical Center. She needs blood type O, but other types can be accepted as well for replacement with the required blood type. You can also donate cash to be used for the purchase of blood bags; 500cc of blood costs PhP 1,500.00.

For donations, kindly contact the National Office at the following: (+632)415-1944 for landline, (+63)906-9357722 for mobile and for e-mail.

Many thanks! apalateguivmz