Students plank against budget cut

September 22, 2011

Fatima Villanueva
Sentral na Konseho ng Mag-aaral

Rommel Aguilar
Student Regent

Media Officer:
Maybelle Gormate
Editor-in-Chief The Catalyst, official student publication of PUP

Solidarity Day in PUP,
Students plank against budget cut

UMAKSYON-PUP holds a Solidarity Day in accordance with its week-long strike that calls for a higher PUP budget. The said event aims to register to the government the insufficient fund it gives not only to PUP, but to the education sector particularly the State Colleges and Universities in an entertaining but striking way.

Though deviant from the traditional holding of placards and propaganda materials, this event equally shows the students’ fervent support to the call. Their mere participation in the Solidarity Day is a clear manifestation of how they really suffered in the lack of funding in the university.

Students plank in protest for the insufficient fund allocated by the government. There are also nationalistic performances from the student organizations, speeches in support of the strike, and a noise barrage that awakens the minds of the people in the government. Through these, PUP community oneness is once again proven.

PUP Student Regent Rommel Aguilar said that in this event, the talents of PUPians are harnessed to call for the higher budget for the university. “It is given that PUPians are talented students, but because of the lack of funds, facilities that can help develop more our talents are not present here. As a result, we are now using our talents to tell the government that they must give us a higher budget.”
Aside from the performances, teach-in protests are also present and continued where students take alternative classes about the present society.###