Countdown to midnight

Holy Angel University (HAU campus publications are now calling for the return of the mandatory collection of publication fees until Monday, 11:59pm.

As a form of “disciplinary action,” the HAU administration removed the automatic collection system for all campus publication fees after the release of The Angelite Issue and Ang Churvalite Lampoon Issue last year. In the previous years, the payment of publication fee was included in the enrolment process, and a student is considered enrolled only after he or she had paid his fee. However, since last semester, the payment of the publication fee was no longer mandatory and the publication booth was removed from its strategic spot beside the finance office.

The disciplinary action was passed because the administration deemed the Angelite articles as libellous. They threatened to file a libel case against the publication. The administrators demanded a public apology, which the publication issued. However, they still implemented the non-mandatory collection scheme, which did not undergo consultation with the students. It should also be noted that whether or not the articles are libellous, it should not serve as a basis for the administration to impose a massive difficulty in the collection system.

The decline in the publication collection jeopardized the publications’ existence and operations. The attempts to deal with the manual collection were already done but the efforts were futile since the situation during the enrolment became unfavorable. The publications (The Angelite, The Nexus, The Solution, The Access Point, The Concierge, The Enterprise, and The Lifeline) were heavily affected with the decrease in the number of students who paid their publication fees, with the Concierge staffers at the verge of closing the publication due to the lack of funds, among other dilemmas.

The publications have been requesting for a dialogue with the administration regarding the matter but, up to now, no favourable response has been given. The meeting about the collection scheme has been rescheduled several times.

With all efforts done for a diplomatic transaction, we deem it necessary to give the administration until November 21, 2011 (Monday), 11:59pm to return the automatic collection of the publication fees. Before Monday ends, we are expecting that the administration will decide in favour of reverting to non-mandatory collection, otherwise, the publications, along with other student organizations, will engage in higher forms of action.


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