First wave of invitation for National Student Press Convention 2012

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines will hold its 36th Biennial Student Press Congress and 72nd National Student Press Convention (NSPC). The NSPC will be on May 18-22 at Baguio City.


The Guild is the oldest and largest intercollegiate alliance of student publications in the country. This year, CEGP celebrates its 80th year of existence committed to the advancement of campus press freedom.


The NSPC will provide lectures and workshops on basic, intermediate and advanced journalism skills. Likewise, trainings in different literary genres will be given. And as part of the Guild’s dedication to educating student journalists regarding the plight of the country, various socio-political discussions will also be featured.


Also, the following awards will be given to outstanding publications:


12th GAWAD ERJ      Named after CEGP President Emeritus Ernesto Rodriguez Jr. This is the search for outstanding student publications in the country. The contest has two categories: major (tabloid, broadsheet, magazine,) and minor (website, alternative form, literary folio). In the major category, a publication may join only one form. In the minor category, a publication may join all the forms.


7th GAWAD Beng       In honor of the dedication of martyred CEGP Vice President for Mindanao Benjaline “Beng” Hernandez in protecting and promoting human rights, Gawad Beng is the award given to the publication with an exemplary program on human rights. Beng, who also worked as a human rights volunteer, was murdered by soldiers while conducting a fact-finding mission atArakanValley, Cotabato on April 5, 2002. In this award, a particular program on human rights accompanied by photos, narrative report or video is to be judged (you can use any of these materials).


GAWAD Marcelo H.

Del Pilar                      This is the highest citation given by the Guild to              outstanding alumni.


In this regard, we invite your publication to attend the 72nd NSPC. Registration fee is to be announced. The registration fee is inclusive of food, lodging and convention kit for each participant. We will send the CHEd endorsement as soon as it is available.


For inquiries, you may contact Gidget (09153352021).


We look forward to your publication’s participation in this noble activity.

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