People’s Camp-out: Occupy Mediola

Since the 2012 budget—which serves the corporate greed and personal gain of the government officials whilst sacrificing the need of its own people—had been passed, sectors in the country would then be expressing the indignation in a higher form of action by occupying Mendiola for 5 five days. President Aquino should know that we, Filipinos, have had enough of this entire wrongdoings. No, we’ve had too much.

Kampuhan sa Mediola vs Poverty, Budget cuts, Imperialism, Impunity & Human Rights Violation now! Philippines is not for sale.

December 6, 2011
• Freeze Mob
• Die-in
• Performance from UP Manila and UP Diliman
• Concert until 1AM

December 7, 2011
• Tambulan
• Noise Barrage
• Migrant sectors’ action

December 8, 2011
• Morning prayer with Muslims at 5:30 AM
• Breaking of the bread
• Religious sectors’ action

December 9, 2011
• Effigy burning
• Torch Parade
• Concert

December 10, 2011
• International Human Rights Day

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