Statement of CEGP-Central Luzon on the December7 dispersal

Carlo H. Andrion
CEGP-CL Chairperson

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines – Central Luzon condemns the violent dispersal of the mass
action undertaken by students, including those campus journalists who joined and participated in the
call for an increase in government subsidy for higher education, and basic social services at Mendiola,
Manila today (December 7) and thus demands the immediate release of Rodel Valenzuela Jr., writer
of the PUP-Manila The Catalyst and member of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. We also
call for the immediate release of Jed Aquino, Secretary -General of Kabataang Artista para sa Tunay na
Kalayaan, Nathaniel Aguilar and Karl Michael Nadunza of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines
(PUP), and Willy Marbela of Anak Pawis.

The Guild is a patriotic-democratic alliance of tertiary student publications which advocates and fosters
pro-people and pro-student journalism and thereby upholds that protest actions are lawful and rightful
expression of civil and political rights. We believe that the police was tasked to protect these rights, and it includes the ‘right to disagree’. We demand the immediate release of the detainees!

The protesters are calling for greater state subsidy in education, and basic social services. The
protesters stood up and spoke up when no one seems to be dissenting. The protesters went out of their
classrooms, left their job for a day, and marched their way to the streets. The protesters fight for the
good of majority. They are the real servants of the masses. We demand the immediate release of the

The Guild dispels claims that the said mobilization is staged to ‘incite sedition’. It was peaceful and
orderly as planned. The Aquino administration envisions actuating his ‘matuwid na daan’ yet with this
state violence, the call of this regime for active public participation in the governance of our country is
compromised and taken for granted. This regime condemns human rights violations but with this turn of
events, to say such is a great act of hypocrisy. We demand the immediate release of the detainees!

We admire the students, including those campus journalists who faced and braved the stinking water
from fire trucks, the strikes of clubs, and the ‘savagery’ of the police force in dismantling this supposed
peaceful camp out. It just shows that these people protect those who have been long benefiting in
this repressive social system and thus do not want the people to be awakened in this bogus form of
democracy. We demand the immediate release of the detainees!

While the issues of the day rage outside, while poverty and injustice fester, the time demands social
involvement. Therefore, we hereby enjoin our member publications and other democratic organizations
to condemn this brutality that the state has exhibited through statements and other pertinent activities.

In this moment of repression, silence in a form of indecency. ###