Campus journalists call for gov’t to stop tuition and other fees increase

February 1, 2012

Pauline Gidget Estella
National Deputy Secretary General, CEGP

Campus journalists call for gov’t to stop tuition and other fees increase
Youth orgs slam Aquino’s K+12 and other anti-student policies

To protest against the unhampered increases of tuition fees and the implementation of the K+12 program, youth organizations staged a protest action in front of Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) on February 1.

“A right is not for sale. These have been the problem of the country ever since and President Aquino has been sitting for ages and yet, no resolution has been formed and no action has been done.” stated Pauline Gidget Estella, National Deputy Secretary General of College Editors Guild of the Philippines, the widest alliance of college publications nationwide.

“February is the month of tuition fee consultations and many schools have already posted increases. The current education system has allowed schools to impose tuition rates without thorough consultation, and has also allowed them to impose dubious and redundant miscellaneous fees,” said Estella, adding that the government should scrap CHEd Memorandum No. 13

“Instead, what the government has given is additional years of burden for the Filipinos and schemes of total state abandonment directed to serve the whims of foreign capitalists,” said Estella.

The organizations also condemned the pending implementation of K+12 education program, which will extend the usual ten required years for basic education by requiring the students to attend kindergarten before grade school and adding two more years after high school.

Aside from K+12 implementation, the pending closure of college courses including Nursing and Education earned the ire of youth organizations. The government said the courses should be closed down because of “too many graduates.”

“The problem here is not the graduates, but the failure of the government to provide stable job opportunities. What makes them think that closing down courses and adding years to the education cycle would spell an end for the education crisis?” said Estella. “Enough of these follies, we had too much.”###

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