HSEGP Convention and Congress Pre-registration

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I. HSEGP Details

What is HSEGP?

Start them young.

Never has an adage been truer when it comes to serving the people. The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), as stated in its 1998 Constitution, “strive[s] to extend all sort of assistance to student publications at the secondary level.” As such, it recognizes the need for secondary school students to play a more active part in upholding campus press freedom and the right of the people to know, as well as defending that right from any and all instances of repression and violation.

Cases of campus press violations are not limited to the tertiary level. Even at secondary schools, violations could and will happen.

On the other hand, if we were to take what some – or most – of what our secondary school teachers kept on saying back then, it is that high school is the time when a person usually establishes an identity, influenced greatly by his peers. Instead of partaking in pastimes of superficial value, a high school student would do well to actively involve himself in activities that would give him a better grasp of the world. What better to way to do that than to join an organization that seeks to advance the interests of the people?

Moreover, CEGP has long been offering journalism seminars for budding journalists, thus providing comprehensive training for students as early as high school. The establishment of a high school arm of the Guild is therefore all the more necessary.

An alliance of high school student publications which would act as the Guild’s counterpart in order to better reach, help out and mobilize student publications in the secondary school level.


The High School Editors Guild of the Philippines (HSEGP) will, in essence, serve to the secondary campus publications what CEGP is to the tertiary ones:  an alliance of campus publications with common goals, writing for and actively involving itself in the fight for the people’s interests, as well as upholding campus press freedom.

To help HSEGP get off the ground, CEGP will, from time to time, assist them in various undertakings, until it is deemed that the former could stand up and organize member publications on its own.

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