CEGP challenges AFP to face HRV cases


Anna Patricia Santos

VP for Luzon- College Editors guild of the Philippines


Once again, the yellow administration and its armed forces claimed that they respect the human rights and international humanitarian law but the College Editors Guild of the Philippines remains firm that Armed Forces of the Philippines as suspected perpetrators should be submitted to investigation and fair trial.

According to Karapatan, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco-Aquino III’s term have a bloody record of 99 victims of extrajudicial killings; 11 victims of enforced disappearances; threats, harassment, and intimidation and forced evacuation of whole communities; cases of torture, rape, illegal arrests and detention, most are results of military combat operations being waged especially in the rural areas.

Whatever this administration flaunts in its yellow media, the lingering culture of impunity haunts us. The very lives lost, disappearance of innocent people and traumatized communities will not be covered by made up economic gains through foreign investments. The US-Aquino II regime’s lies will not suffice the injustice we are experiencing.

First step that this administration should be doing is to serve justice to its people. The alleged perpetrators Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Jovito Palparan, elements of AFP and all the suspects of human rights violations should face the criminal charges. No bogus witnesses and alibis should excuse the numerous HRVs. The courts should serve the interest of the people and its decisions should be implemented swiftly.

End impunity now!

Justice for all the victims of political killings!

Justice for all desaparecidos and all HRVs in the Philippines!