EARISTIANS kick off to Mendiola as it launches “Campus Shutdown”


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September 20, 2012



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EARISTIANS kick off to Mendiola as it launches “Campus Shutdown”

A day before the national day of action calling for adequate budget on education and challenging Aquino regime for an education system overhaul that is pro-student and pro-people, students of Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology conducts its “Campus Shutdown” campaign to the huge build up actions like snake rallies.


The students first conducted a snake rally inside the college grounds then picketed infront of Valencia gate, Nagtahan Manila and then Marched to Mendiola. They also conducted a funeral march where the leader students carry a casket with “EDUKASYON” on the cover and on its background is some of the neo-liberal policies dictated by foreign banking institutions.


As the EARIST population crossing its way from Nagtahan to Mendiola, students were more agitated to chant while blaming the Aquino administration for neglecting and abandoning the education system.

“We must always remind the government’s role to uphold the interests of its people especially us youth, Noynoy Aquino efficiently destabilized the massive strikes by State Universities and Colleges (SUC’s), EARISTians will assert our rights to education and other social services,” said EARIST Student Trustee Ricky España.

The students also called for a higher education budget to adhere the standard of the United Nations to allocate 6% of our Gross Domestic Product on education.

“This denotes the unity of the EARIST sectors in the fight for greater state subsidy. If the Aquino administration refuse to stop its commercialized education, we the youth will be the one to kill and end his deadly neo-liberal policies,” urged KabataanPartylist- EARIST Chapter chairperson Rovin Rivera.

As the program ends, some of the progressive organizations also announced the National Day of Action which will staged numerous of youth sectors, militant groups, workers and teachers on September 21. ###    

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