Reel world of (in) justice

Ma.Elena Corazon Sebastian

University of Perpetual Help

Biñan Laguna

UPHL Gazette

After a year and a half, my shutter buddy made a huge change to the things I usually don’t see normally, but with the help of the viewfinder, it helped me to focus on the things I usually don’t mind. But being “walang pakialam” to the things I used to take photographs, it made a concrete answer for the question, “What is my purpose in the world of journalism?” The word truth popped in my head. Because I’m ready enough to reveal the two faces of what’s real and what’s unreal in the four corners of this place. Verdad-Spanish term for truth which was embedded to a journalist’s blood once he raises his pen towards lies.


                Justice is just a slice of cake nowadays. Money and influence were politicians’ gate pass to get out of a certain case. The innocents’ evidence is just a scrap for the court to consider. After all these sentiments, what’s the thing for the so-called activists-to-stop-impunity today?

Political Prisoners/Politically Detained. Most of the political detainees were farmers, indigenous people, and leaders of progressive groups, activists and suspected rebels. They are the ones who are pursuing for our rights, but after all the hard work to promote and stop impunity; they were discriminated because of their political beliefs.

Using ‘freedom of expression’ sent them to hell-made bars. They are also treated as criminals and suffering with their alleged cases such as rebellion and murder just to hide the real side of the government and statistics, which in our case is swelling. They are not only detained. They were harassed, tortured and abused. After suffering from different circumstances, the administration remains to be deaf and evil to poldets. After trying several calls for their dismissal, they remain disregarding the voices screaming justice.


                And where’s the real thing for Human Rights Advocacy my dear President?

As of 2012, 107 cases were filed by Karapatan and SELDA for political prisoners and 222 cases of illegal arrest in President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino’s two-year term. Aquino, being a son of an admired political prisoner should stop keeping custody of the people who are not favorable to his term. He should be one of the advocates but then, he lingers to hold the ones who fight for their rights among others. Aquino’s cliché line “kayo ang boss ko” remained to be a phrase to hear and not praise for him. This scheme is not different from the prior one, it represses the populace and the ones are brave to fight for it. The righteous path is just a hoax.

Asan na ang tuwid na daan? O, sa rehas ba talaga tinutuwid ang daan?

Ericson Acosta, 40 years old, a poet was arrested last February 13, 2011 by elements of 34th Infantry Battalion of Philippine Army. He was tortured and interrogated in unknown military camp. After several ticks of clock, he was charged with illegal possession of explosives and was tagged as high-ranked New People’s Army. The poet turned to evil in Philippine Media. According to Bulatlat, Mr. Acosta articulated his distress over Aquino’s statement that human rights violations are “leftist propaganda”. The administration turned everything into dust with just a snap. They should really reveal what’s going on than denying what’s the thing behind their skin.

After drinking the politician’s concoction, the minds of the Filipinos are being dosed by tiny bottle of poisons of political greediness, or I mean, power. Despite being untrue to fellow Filipinos, the hero, bearing the name of administration, remains to be the puppet of a feudal country.

Democratic country should cater the equal distribution of rights, but if the system doesn’t work for a couple of years, let’s try to look for something good and implement little by little the real system that we are looking for.

For the ever admired mute President, you should fix this business. Stop keeping your hidden agendas of the people. If you really care to every Filipino, whenever you heard there’s rally better join them than bombing them with water. Whenever someone visits your place on Times Street, talk to them. Break the undying chain of social classes. It is worth paying attention to your customers that you work hard for.

I’m wondering if political prisoners should exist. Justice should be fair for all, because we are individuals. We are made fair and square. There should be no barrier for the higher ups and a simple farmer living in the rural area.

We are strong enough to fight what is right for us and for our future. We are the drivers of our lives. We can go left and right or even bump the machine we have. We can look at it today and work for it tomorrow or else a huge imbalance of injustice will block our way. Stop the injustice in three, two, and one. *disappear*

Ah, kung gayo’y kayo nga ang matwid na tagapagligtas!

At kayo rin ang magiging biktima ng aming Kapatawaran!

Ay, kamatayan! O, kamatayang walang kasing tamis!

Ihimlay mo na ako kapiling ang tula ng mga gahis,

Sa ritmo at awit ng putok ng baril ng mga salarin,

At sa ngalit ng pagganti ng tugmaan kong matatabil!

Adopted from the poem “Unang Gabi ng Interogasyon” (First Interrogation Night) of Tugmaang Matatabil (mga akdang isinulat sa libingan ng mga buhay) of Axel Pinpin, ex-political prisoner that reveals his harassment and injustice under Arroyo’s Administration.