Tit4Tat: SC Bans Live Coverage on Maguindanao Massacre Trial

Marc Lino J. Abila
CEGP National Deputy Secretary – General

The Supreme Court’s decision today on banning the live coverage of the Maguindanao Massacre trial is an utter disappointment to the Sereno-led high court on the part of the campus press.

The public has the right to know the latest proceedings in this case which involves multiple murder and violation of press freedom.

If the court has nothing to hide from the public eye, the Supreme Court should reconsider its ruling on limiting the access of the media in the court during trial. Transparency is most important in this trial. There can be no transparency if the court disallows live coverage.

Maguindanao Massacre is reaching its third year this November. The court should fulfill its duty to serve justice to the family of the victims and persecute those who perpetrated the slaughter of 57 individuals, including 32 media workers.