Military harassment is PNoy’s Christmas gift to the youth – CEGP Visayas

Angelo Karl Doceo
National Vice President for Visayas, CEGP

Micah Susana Rubenecia
Chairperson, CEGP Samar

“Harassment is the best gift that the Aquino Administration affords to campus journalists and the Filipino youth,” said Angelo Karl Doceo, national vice president for Visayas of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines, the oldest and broadest intercollegiate alliance of student publications in the country.

CEGP condemns the continued surveillance among campus journalists and youth leaders by suspected military elements. Yesterday afternoon, Darrel Tibre, chairperson of the ONWARD UEP system-wide alliance of student publications and member of the regional secretariat of CEGP Samar, was believed to be under surveillance.

An unidentified man went to the house of Tibre’s sister and asked his whereabouts and his exact residence. Curious of the identity of the man, she said that she did not know his brother’s residence. As the man went away, another man was standing by at the nearby house, waiting for his companion, in a motorcycle. According to the report, the two men were in common military haircuts.

“It is not true that Aquino is in holiday vacation because even during the holidays, his fascist armed forces continue to terrorize and demonize campus journalists and youth leaders,” said Doceo.

“This is not anymore new to the members of the alternative media, especially to campus journalists, as it has been the policy of the Aquino administration to inflict fear to and neutralize those who choose to use their pens in exposing anti-student and anti-people policies,” said Micah Susana Rubenecia, chairperson of CEGP Samar.

Recently, the Aquino administration released a list of accomplishments citing the passage of Anti-Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances Act as manifestation of its sincerity in upholding human rights.

“What is laughable with the Aquino administration is that it continues to pose itself as a government that values human rights despite overwhelming evidence of its accountability to cases of human rights violations,” Rubenecia added.

“We give a warning to the Aquino government and the military to never put even a finger to campus journalists and youth leaders. We will never back down,” Doceo said. ###

(Photo credit goes to San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines)