PUP ends Kampuhan, flies paper planes as a sign of protest

In the culmination of the three-day event, students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)had the “take off” of their paper planes from the main building as a symbolic protest on how Aquino

regime treat human rights.

“It (paper planes) is a symbolic protest against Aquino administration. Like the paper planes, the
government has no certain direction and will fall down in the end.” said Charley Urquiza, Sentral na
Konseho ng Mag-aaral(SKM) Councilor.

At 1pm, hundreds of students flocked at the corridors of North and West wings from 2nd to 6th floor
facing Popeye, each holding paper planes. On the signal, they simultaneously threw the planes in the air and watched how they plummeted to the ground.

Other activities conducted were torch parade outside the university grounds, forums about human
rights and a flash mob lead by Gabriela.

“Again, the Kampuhan para sa Karapatan serves as a build-up activity inviting students to join the
December 10 mob at Mendiola, in commemoration of the victims of the human rights violations all
over the world which is in line with the celebration of the International Human Rights Day on the same day. We must not forget how (President) Noynoy violated our rights, from the simple barbwires on Mendiola up to the political killings, many which were perpetrated by the notorious Armed Forces of the Philippines under the Oplan Bayanihan. We must intensify the fight for our rights,” Urquiza stated.

The three-day Kampuhan para sa Karapatan was organized by SKM and Sandigan ng Mag-aaral para sa Sambayanan or SAMASA.