CEGP commemorates EDSA’s 27th Anniversary


Marc Lino Abila

National Deputy Secretary General


A call to an era yearning for social justice and genuine democracy.

Roughly a generation has passed since the monumental EDSA People Power in 1986 and at this time, most of our populace—especially the youth, has nothing binding them with anything that happened then. Thus the spur of events, the emotions and the action of anything and all that occurred before and after the acclaimed mass movement means no more than a historical event.

Even without the official proclamation of Martial Law by the current government, economic rights, human rights and equality have long been overlooked to benefit the economic nuances of the then political elites. Thus lead to the overwhelming clamor for social equality.

“The real call of the masses was not just to change the names and faces of the ruling elite but a call to change the entire socio-political system, a call for true nationalism and genuine democracy,” stared Marc Lino Abila, National Deputy Secretary-General of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

In this present faux-democratic government, the call still remains. Pseudo-democratic leaders of the Aquino regime claim to hold true to their name but the state fascism still remains. Economic inequality worsened, political persecution is at its worst and any true and meaningful democratic liberation of the basic masses is still forsaken.

Extrajudicial and media killings, political prisoners, human rights violations are still rampant in today’s society. The youth is still undereducated due to the education crisis and the government pursuing K-12 program instead of solving the current problems of our education system. Workers and employees still yearn for a higher salary and lower prices of commodities. And landless farmers due to a bogus land reform program.

“Thus the youth of today must take on the mantle from heroes past. We must bring on the call and clamor for a true and genuine social change much like the decisive struggle of people,” Abila ended. ###