Student journalists slammed state abandonment of education

Campus journalists staged protest together with other student leaders on the continuing increase on tuition and other fees in both private and state universities and colleges (SUCs) with final examinations and graduation ceremonies these coming weeks.

“Our schools have been increasing its fees every year while our parents’ salaries are not moving up,” said Marc Lino Abila, National Deputy Secretary-General of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. “These yearly increases in school fees prove that education is, indeed, commercialized.”

“It’s time for final examinations again and a lot of students and their parents would be having a hard time paying their dues due to a high rate on fees,” Abila pointed the difficulties of students and their parents during examination periods. “A number of schools also would not even let a student take the exam if he/she doesn’t have a permit. Next academic year, there will be increases on tuition and other fees which will add to the burden we already have.”

“Some higher educational institutions are also conducting bogus consultations on increasing tuition and other fees,” Abila cited. “They keep on teaching our youth about transparency but these institutions but are not transparent themselves.”

Abila stressed that the Philippines continues to have a colonial, commercialized and fascist education system. “Education should uplift the lives of our people. But with what Aquino is doing, it will just cause more problems we are already experiencing.”

“Instead of giving greater state subsidy and a national, scientific and mass-oriented education, the government is very busy converting SUCs into businesses as part of the neo-liberal policies of the Aquino regime and pushing the US-patterned K-12 program which are not solving the problems of the education system but worsens them,” Abila explained. “Our constitution ensures accessible education in all levels as a right but this government is not giving it to the people aside from other social services such as health.”

“The College Editors Guild of the Philippines, together with its strong membership nationwide, calls for a national, scientific and mass-oriented education, greater state subsidy and stop tuition and other fee increase,” Abila ended.