Campus journalists, youth groups launch ‘Porkless Friday’ protests

Students and campus journalists from universities and colleges in Manila expressed their disgust on pork barrel in various protests at noon and late afternoon today. Dubbed as ‘Porkless Friday’, militant youth groups set up noise barrages at different points all-over Manila.IMG_9447

“With Malacañang flip-flopping its statements which failed to pacify the people and the public uproar during the million people march in Luneta, the youth should take a firm stand to abolish all types of pork barrel which includes the P1 trillion Presidential pork barrel and demand that these funds would be rechanneled to social services such as education and health which remain underfunded,” said Marc Lino Abila, National Secretary General of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines and Youth ACT Now Against Corruption.

“Janet Lim Napoles’s surrender does not mean that the P10-billion pork scam will be solved. The real masterminds behind the scam should be held accountable. Napoles is just a scapegoat of politicians behind the scam,” Abila said.

“The Palace is doing everything to control the turn of events but the Filipino youth is not blind, we can see the failed efforts of Presidential Spokesperson Erwin Lacierda in covering up President Aquino and his political allies.” Abila explained. “It is obvious that the Palace is doing all its might to appease the people but failed.”

The youth groups said that they will continue their noise barrages and protest actions every Friday to further expose corruption under the blessing of the Aquino administration.

“It is high time to inform the people that Aquino is fooling them by saying ‘Walang corrupt, walang mahirap’ in 2010, but in reality, corruption is inevitable in system that we are in,” Abila said. “Pork barrel is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“The Filipino youth and people should unite against the continuing corruption under Aquino’s government,” Abila said.

Youth for Accountability and Truth Now, or Youth ACT Now Against Corruption is an alliance of student councils, publications, national youth and student organizations, community-based youth, young professionals, artists and prominent youth leaders and personalities. The formation of Youth ACT Now Against Corruption marks the further strengthening of youth and student participation nationwide in the fight for truth, accountability and genuine change in government.