Napoles, not an icon but a cog in a machine, the government should be held accountable!

The government should be held accountable in the recent pork barrel scam including legislators for funding bogus NGOs (non-government organizations) owned by Janet Lim Napoles. It is impossible for Napoles to pull off such scam without the knowledge of our ‘’honorable’’ lawmakers and the blessing of Aquino.

Legislators, who are allegedly in connivance with Napoles, cannot simply deny that they don’t know anything about the issue. It is their responsibility to ensure that government funds allocated for their pork barrel would serve the benefit of the people, unless it is their intention to corrupt billions of pesos for their political and economic motives.

As long as the government is not sincere in eradicating corruption, more ‘‘Napoleses’’ will be used as mechanisms by politicians to accumulate the hard-earned taxes of the toiling masses. It is also clear that the Aquino government is benefiting from the pork barrel system. The Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) serves as a tool to consolidate its political allies in both the higher and lower houses. The recent national election shows that both houses were dominated by the Liberal Party while the executive branch is full of appointed former Akbayan officials, loyal political pawns of the Aquino clan.

Instead of scrapping the pork barrel system, 2014 proposed national budget shows that the President wants his own pork barrel to increase from P119 billion this year to P139 billion in the form of unprogrammed funds. The President’s pork barrel alone is more than triple of the budget of 110 State Universities and Colleges across the country, having only P34.7 billion next year.

The real destination of Noynoy’s ‘’tuwid na daan’’ is already exposed: a miserable future plagued with corruption and poverty. The Filipino people have no choice but to resist.