Noynoy, not just undesirable, inutile as well

If there’s someone that should be declared ‘’undesirable,’’ it is President Aquino, and not Thomas Van Beersum.

With 142 cases of extra-judicial killings, 164 frustrated killings, 16 incidents of enforced disappearances and 293 cases of illegal arrest and detention, not to mention the incompetence to uplift the lives of millions of Filipino people, it is rightful to say that it is the President who is undesirable and not Thomas.  The state is merely propagating hate against those critical of the government and arrogant enough to deny the worsening state of the country under the yellow administration.

“I want to thank the people and groups that have been supporting me and although I’ve been blacklisted, I will still firmly support the just struggle of the Filipino people for social and national liberation. Mabuhay!” said Thomas in his Facebook status as he arrived at Hongkong on August 7, 2013.

Despite the regime’s undeniable control of the biggest media outfits in our country, Thomas gained support from different organizations, as well as from common people, who believe in the necessity of struggle for national democracy, social equality and genuine independence.

The President also keeps on comparing his administration to former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s, when in fact, nothing’s changed under the present regime. Nothing, except for  the worsening of corruption, landlessness, inequality and human rights violations perpetrated by the state through the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police. There’s no point in saying that you are different from another, if you can’t even present a single genuine accomplishment for the people, or put GMA behind the bars for cases of corruption and human rights violations.

With the failure to address the corruption scandals, human rights violations and poverty, it’s now time for the people to intensify resistance against the Aquino regime.