Palace eager to detain Dutch activist while ‘Noynoying’ on notorious criminals: GMA, Ampatuan and Palparan

Photo from Thomas van Beersum's Facebook account

Photo from Thomas van Beersum’s Facebook account

The eagerness of the Aquino government to investigate,put to jail and declare Thomas van Beersum (Dutch activist photographed  yelling at cops trying to disperse protesters during last SONA) persona non grata while letting Jovito Palparan and other notorious criminals at large  shows  incompetence of government to solve glaring criminal cases and issues of the Filipino people. It’s also a desperate move by the Aquino government to mislead the people with the real problems that we need to address while attacking progressive groups and people struggling for national democracy, peace and development.

“I am tired of the extrajudicial killings, the illegal arrests, the forced demolitions, the land-grabbing, the puppetry to US imperialism, tired of all the oppression and exploitation of the workers, farmers, students, women, indigenous, urban poor, LGBTs, and all other oppressed groups,” said Thomas in his Facebook status. It is embarrassing for the Aquino regime that foreign nationals and international organizations are now on eyes in worsening inequality, extrajudicial killings and corruption under the banner of  ‘’Tuwid na Daan.’’

Instead of proving the president’s ability to govern by putting notorious criminals like Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Andal Ampatuan and Jovito Palaparan behind bars, the government is busy on attacking progressives and those who are in solidarity of struggling Filipino people like Thomas van Beersum.

It is also hypocritical to prevent foreigners in solidarity of the Filipino people to join in protest for genuine land reform and national industrialization while opening our bases to US troops trying to shift military concentration in our country to ensure its economic and political hegemony in Southeast Asia against its closest rival China. It only shows how the government is giving up our sovereignty while harassing people fighting for it. Actually, the US government doesn’t really intend to help the Philippines in defense of China on the issue of territorial disputes in West Philippine Sea, the real intention of US is to compete for worldwide economic and political superiority, and the Philippines is a tactical place to position its troops in defense of its possible rivals, making our government a military and political pawn in possible war of aggressions.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines, together with other patriotic and democratic organizations calls to intensify the campaign to pressure the government to solve main issues facing the Filipino people and shift its focus from harassing progressives to addressing landlessness and worsening poverty in our country. We also demand for the immediate release of Thomas van Beersum detained for fighting together with oppressed Filipino people for equality and development. It is also the time to bring justice to thousands of victims of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture and media killings in our country and put the perpetrators behind bars. We don’t want to waste our time waiting for justice; crying cops and traffic causing protests are the least concern that we need to address.