The president lied when he said ‘’Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap’’

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President Aquino lied when he said ‘’Kung walang corrupt walang mahirap.’’ Clearly, it is his intention to mislead the people that the sole cause of poverty is corruption  and not the greediness of foreign and local monopoly capitalists in our country, backward agriculture and the use of political power to maintain the economic superiority of oligarchs and their allies.

On Foreign Dominance

Increasing number of  overseas Filipino and BPO workers are just few of the manifestations of our dependence in foreign economy. Industries exploiting our environment and workforce are also controlled by biggest foreign investors usually coming from the United States. Economic dependence prevents the country to install its own industry that will create jobs for Filipinos by Filipinos, thus giving the power to foreign alien to dictate economic policies for their gain through maximizing institutions like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, financial institutions controlled by United States and western countries.

In an article released  by Ibon Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit organization seeking to promote an understanding of socio-economics that serves the interest and aspirations of Filipino people, said that  ‘’Backward agriculture and lack of domestic industry can be reversed in the Philippines. First, the urgency of nationalist economics must be recognized: the industrialization should serve not foreign but the people’s interest. Second, the country’s potential to industrialize given its vast natural resources, labor force and market, rich tradition of nationalism and capacity to integrate in the global market must be acknowledged. Last, the country must be directed towards increasing rural income, expanding the local market and facilitating the development of both agriculture and industry and creating secure jobs, higher productivity and capital accumulation for social services and further development. ’’

We cannot expect the current administration to promote national industrialization for they’re benefiting from the current economic system. Following economic policies of United States gives them the benefit of political assurance and protection from its real boss, those people in white house.

Backward Agriculture

It is not the interest of landlords to upgrade the farming methods or agriculture sector of our country, the economic base of our society, as long as the farmers are able to produce crops and landlords monopolize the biggest haciendas, as long as they could maintain their economic hegemony where their political power came from (like the Cojuanco-Aquino clan) they will not dare to change the system, for it is them, who benefit from the hardwork of the poor peasant workers.

Mendiola and Hacienda Lusita Massacres are the proofs of state fascism to farmers struggling for genuine agrarian reform. The ruling elite uses repressive state apparatuses to suppress the right of the peasants to free distribution of lands that they have been developing for decades since the unsurpation of Spanish and American colonizers and the local bureaucrats.

According to Ibon foundation “While government claims that the CARP has successfully reached 80% of its reduced scope, genuine land distribution remains elusive. Only 1% of the entire Philippine population still owns almost 1/5 of the country’s total agricultural lands while 2 million farmers are left to divide another 1/5 among themselves. Land reform programs have been slow to acquire most of privately owned-land, including commercial farms and plantations.”

Meanwhile, former Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano said that only 1.9 million hectares out of 6.2 million hectares of distributed agricultural lands from 1988 to present were private. Still, data from the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) in 2008 shows that the remaining 1.2 million hectares of private agricultural lands for distribution under CARP’s Compulsory Acquisition actually constitute the largest percentage of the total remaining undistributed land at 94 percent. Meanwhile, 82% of the supposedly distributed agricultural lands still have pending cases and have not yet been physically distributed. It should also be noted that the scope of CARP had actually been reduced from 10.3 million hectares in 1988 to only 8.1 million hectares.”

Trying hard in washing hands on the issue of corruption

Rhetorics and meaningless phrases were successfully used by the Aquino government to conceal its own stink, ‘’tuwid na daan,’’ “kayo ang boss ‘ko,” are just few of his promises to persuade the toiling masses. But recent corruption scandals show how this government is incompetent in solving the issue of corruption in our country. The presidential sister Ballsy Aquino’s extortion scandal also shows that the Aquino clan itself is benefiting from ‘’kamag-anak system,’’ the use of political interest for own economic gain, which is in a way, is a form of corruption.

We cannot expect this government to promote good governance and social change for as long as the ruling elite’s policy is just serving its own interest. This is not just a battle between corruption and inequality, this battle is between the irreconcilable interest of the local bureaucrats and the toiling masses.

Broad masses should unite and struggle against a system and establish an economy, politics and culture that will serve the majority of the people. connington