The Pork Barrel King has spoken to defend his Pork

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines, as a patriotic and democratic alliance of tertiary student publications, views Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III’s speech as a failed attempt to pacify the people’s continuing uproar to abolish all forms of pork barrel.

Last night, October 30, 2013, Aquino delivered a speech on national television defending the Presidential Pork Barrel and the legality of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

It was a desperate move to cleanse the administration’s credibility to manage public funds in the middle of the people’s strong demand and campaign for an anti-pork legislation by means of a People’s Initiative to abolish pork barrel in all forms and names.

Aquino tried and will continue to try to twist the people’s mind by blaming the previous Arroyo administration and isolating the Palace from corruption as if the Executive is clean and untainted. He tried to persuade the Filipinos to believe his rhetoric of ‘matuwid na daan.’ He also insists that DAP is legal, constitutional, and necessary to fast-track government projects without the approval of the Congress.

It is clear that Aquino will not abolish the Presidential Pork Barrel.

The Guild, along with its chapters and formations nationwide, is consistent with its call to abolish the pork barrel system, re-channel these discretionary and lump-sum funds to social services, and demand accountability and persecute those who are involved with the misuse of public funds.

CEGP is calling out to the campus press to shatter the illusion that the country has a corruption-free government and expose the anomalies which involve officials of the Aquino administration and even by the members of the Presidential family.

Aside from these calls, CEGP demands for the immediate passage of a genuine Freedom of Information law for transparency in the bureaucracy. The Guild also supports its alumnus and former Chief Justice Renato Puno’s call to pass a law abolishing all forms of pork barrel through a People’s Initiative.

Corruption will not end as long as the current system of our society, dominated by foreign and personal interests, continue to rob the people of their rights for freedom of information, social services and a government which will serve the interest of the majority.###