The youth should continue Bonifacio’s unfinished struggle


In celebration of 150th birth anniversary of the father of Philippine Revolution Andres Bonifacio, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines urges its member publications and the Filipino youth to be agents of genuine change in the Filipino society.

Aside from being a revolutionary, Bonifacio was also a writer and poet. He wrote to express his desire for freedom and independence from Spain and to provoke the Filipinos to revolt against the tyranny of Spanish colonizers and friars. He also wrote for Katipunan’s publication, Ang Kalayaan.

Today, we are facing several issues and the youth should act along with other sectors to raise the consciousness of the people and call them to go against the status quo which lets the social elite to further their abuse to the masses.

Corruption, pork barrel scam, incompetent government, increase in school fees, unjust school policies, campus repression and militarization, media killings, and destruction of super typhoon Yolanda are just few of the many issues we’ve been encountering in the past few months.

As campus journalists, we are tasked not just to write the stories that expose the plight of the people but also to join their struggle for national liberation and democracy.

We must continue to integrate with the marginalized sectors of the society, learn and understand their day-to-day struggles, share these struggles, and urge our fellow youth and students to fight the repressive system alongside the people.

Bonifacio’s militancy and heroism run through the Filipino youth. We must continue what he started to liberate the Filipino people from the clutches of foreign domination and domestic oppression.###