Obama is not welcome: Oppose the Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation


Photo courtesy of Philippine Collegian

The Aquino government openly welcomes the US at the expense of national sovereignty and patrimony, expecting that its presence means security against China.

US President Barack Obama is set to visit the Philippines for the signing of the Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation (AEDC). The pact between the US and Philippine governments will ensure the increased presence of the US military forces in Philippine territories under the guise of military training with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The Philippines will be the fourth country Obama will visit in Asia, the other three being Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia, as part of the US pivot to the Asia-Pacific to protect its interests in the region.

As a patriotic and democratic organization, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) strongly opposes the AEDC, which is a clear violation of Philippine sovereignty and a reversal of the historic Senate decision in 1991 to remove US military bases from Philippine soil.

Worse than the 1947 US-RP Military Bases Agreement, the Aquino regime will not only allow the permanent, rotational, and increased presence of US forces but they are also permitted access to AFP facilities all over the country at the cost of Philippine sovereignty.

Aside from the signing of AECD, the US government also pressures the Aquino regime to push for Charter Change in order to remove the constitutional prohibition against full foreign ownership of land and businesses in the country and accommodate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a free-trade agreement headed by the US, which will impose neoliberal policies of privatization, deregulation, liberalization, and denationalization of the Philippine economy.

CEGP also objects to the aggressive incursion of Chinese military in the West Philippine Sea, creating tension between China and other Southeast Asian countries claiming parts of the disputed Spratly Islands. Due to this, the US government is ensuring its control in the Asia-Pacific region by scattering its military forces in the region to contain China.

AECD and TPPA are not just violations of our sovereignty and patrimony but are also grave threats to our environment, natural resources, and people’s rights.

The Guild is calling the Filipino youth and people to oppose these agreements and greet Obama’s arrival with protests actions.

Defend National Sovereignty and Patrimony!
Junk All RP-US Agreements!
US Troops Out Now!