Campus press holds protests on Independence Day

Photo by JC Gomez.

Photo by JC Gomez.

At the height of unresolved issues of pork barrel and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) joined protest actions along with key sectors in the society on Independence Day.

Militant and progressive groups marked the day with protests set in various points in Manila including US Embassy, Liwasang Bonifacio, and Mendiola.

“This massive protest action by the people comes in as a necessity amid the scandalous actions of the BS Aquino regime. It is at this moment that the people are screaming against various social injustices,” said Marc Lino Abila, CEGP National President.

The CEGP no longer sees the BS Aquino government as an institution capable of restoring accountability and protecting national sovereignty. Given the abuses such as the perpetuated pork barrel and EDCA, people do not have patience to continue this worsening status of the people.

Furthermore, the CEGP holds that the existence of rampant corruption and lame sovereignty shall never beget genuine independence.

“We are not really free with the presence of foreign military forces in the country. Their continuing and increasing presence only proves that US never gave us our independence,” Abila said. “We are absolutely cudgeled in the shackles of poverty, corruption, social injustice and foreign intervention.”

In addition, the CEGP perceives the BS Aquino government as a perpetrator of corruption and other forms of abuse in the country. It strongly believes that an immense effort should be aired to end the abusive reign of BS Aquino.

“BS Aquino’s sincerity over resolving the pork barrel cases is merely customized according to his own political agenda. The cases serve a machinery to simply dismantle his political opponents. While EDCA is an attack to our sovereignty by allowing US forces to use facilities of the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” Abila argued.

Finally, as a patriotic and democratic organization of student publications, CEGP called on the Filipino youth to lead and join the masses in asserting for genuine freedom and justice that the Filipinos deserve.

“We can only attain true independence as a nation if the Filipino youth will lead the people to dismantle this corrupt and rotten system and build a new government and society for the welfare of the toiling masses,” Abila ended.###