CEGP decries delayed justice over pork barrel cases


Photo by JC Gomez

After the issuance of the ‘Napolist’ on May 15, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), along with other progressive youth groups, was disappointed over the slow development of the pork barrel cases.

To continue the movement against pork barrel, Youth Act Now!, with the Abolish Pork Movement, held a press conference at the Quezon City Sports Club on June 3.

“Instead of totally abolishing pork barrel, a staggering P1.3 trillion is still projected on 2014 national budget as presidential pork barrel in the form of various lump-sum appropriations including as the Special Purposes Fund and other unprogrammed funds,” said Marc Lino Abila, CEGP National President.

Moreover, CEGP holds that the Aquino government has mechanized the issue in order to attract more allies and dismantle its opposition instead of holding accountability for this scandal.

“Aside from these funds, let us not forget the Disbursement Acceleration Program and Line Item Budgeting schemes of the Aquino administration to breed patronage or padrino politics,” Abila added.

With the turn of events, CEGP no longer believes that the current administration can end corruption.

“Almost a year after the pork barrel scam broke out; there is still no development in the people’s search for justice. We do not need allegations. We need convictions. To our dismay, the Aquino government utilized this scam as an apparatus to selectively and systematically discriminate their opposition,”Abila said.

Abila also emphasized that with the government is only employing covering-up tactics by suppressing militant actions as shown during the World Economic Forum, which, according to CEGP, shows that the Aquino has no genuine intent on ending corruption.


Photo by JC Gomez

“Despite the people’s clamor for total abolition of the pork barrel system, Pres. Aquino has this P1.3-trillion presidential pork barrel. It is clear that the government has no interest for a genuine solution to end corruption,” Abila added.

Youth Act Now! will also initiate a General Assembly at the University of Sto. Tomas on June 6 to discuss updates on the pork barrel scandal and chart for youth’s continued actions in the demand for justice and accountability.

Furthermore, CEGP calls to abolish pork barrel, in all forms, and to rechannel it to social services. It urges its member publications and the youth to exhaust all efforts to end abuse over national funds.

“Given a government that snobs to end corruption, the responsibility rests on the youth to overthrow the malpractice and the one who perpetuates it.The youth should take action and refuse this corruption-laden system,” Abila ended.###