CEGP: It is Bad Theatrics

Photo courtesy of Pinoy Weekly.

Photo courtesy of Pinoy Weekly.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), along with other progressive youth groups marched to Mendiola after watching the Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III’s televised speech in Plaza Miranda on DAP’s unconstitutionality to air their disgust.

“Bad theatrics, Aquino’s speech was nothing but a malpractice of theatrics. It only shows that Aquino is no longer capable as a leader of this nation,” Marc Lino Abila, CEGP National President stated.

CEGP considered his speech as nothing but an effort to mislead the people’s rage.

“The speech’s contents embody a generic Aquino tirade against his predecessor. It was marred by ill-constructed arguments, broken analysis and shuttered figures of speech. In short, it was a mere consolidation of fallacies. There was no effort to admit the real score of the issue. Everything was grossly reactionary,” Ian Harvey Claros, CEGP Executive Vice President commented.

CEGP also condemned Aquino’s wage of war against the Supreme Court (SC) magistrates.

 “The SC ruling was clear and final. The constitution was violated. And that “in good faith” is not an excuse. Undoubtedly, last night’s speech was an exposition of his haciendero arrogance – defying the separation of powers,” Abila stated.

Abila further contended that DAP was never “in good faith.” It was a machinery to fertilize corruption. It was an effort to incentivize politics.

He also pointed out that Aquino cannot cite an Administrative Code since there is no law higher than the constitution.

In this light, CEGP calls for the youth to actively participate in the rage of against Aquino’s gross abuse of power.

“The necessity is clear. We need to impeach Aquino. This country is not his hacienda,” Abila ended.###

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