CEGP-Southern Tagalog: DAP unconstitutionality and the pork king

Photo courtesy of Southern Tagalog Exposure.

Photo courtesy of Southern Tagalog Exposure.

The Southern Tagalog chapter of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines, the oldest, widest and only-existing alliance of student publications, celebrates the recent Supreme Court (SC) ruling declaring the Disbursement Allocation Program (DAP) as unconstitutional.

CEGP Southern Tagalog chairperson Paul Carson said that “Aquino’s administration is riddled with widespread corruption, even with claims of a just and transparent disbursement of funds. The existence of DAP and other forms of pork barrel, which are basically discretionary and lump-sum funds prove the ability of Aquino: the controller of DAP, PDAF and other funds, to corrupt from it and use these for his own advantage.”

“The recent pork barrel trial only covers the plunder of his political nemeses, but can say nothing about his and his allies’. Creating a situation of power politics through the control of public funds is dangerous, and borders on its ultimate malversation, which sees no party or ally. All those who benefitted from the corruption of public funds must face, equally, due process of law and prosecution as plunderers from the people and not as anyone’s ally or padrino,” Carson said.

The campus journalist reiterated the call of the Southern Tagalog youth to oust the corrupt BS Aquino, made through a consensus at Hulagpos Regional Youth Summit.

“The recent SC decision makes the use of DAP an impeachable offense, which we have long proved as such – plunder of public funds, and an excuse to shortchange the Filipino people as its constituents into public-private partnerships and dubious cost-cutting projects and methods, converted to DAP and other discretionary funds,” Carson added.

Carson also called upon the campus press and the Filipino nation to bare the plunder and misuse of public funds and join in the people’s call for change.

“Aside from making the plunderers culpable, we should call for the abolition of the pork barrel system, and ultimately, mobilize the largest number of masses for genuine change,” Carson ended.###