Never Again to Martial Law | Campus press hits Aquino’s Marcos-like attitude

PROPTEMPTwo scores and two years ago, the infamous Martial Law ushered a great outbreak in the Philippine history.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), the oldest, widest ad broadest alliance of tertiary school publications, recounts the historical event that plagued the entire nation specifically the freedom of the press and other democratic rights of the people. The Guild commemorates the lives, struggle, and efforts of the Filipino people during this unwanted era.

“Martial Law averted the rights to freedom of expression and of the press. It was a time that tested the force and limits of the institution. But CEGP never failed to continue its struggle for its basic prerogatives,” said Marc Lino Abila, CEGP National President.

CEGP had been an eminent figure that resisted the Marcos dictatorship.  It was one of the institutions which ignited the First Quarter Storm. Though most student publications were shut down, the Guild continued its publication through alternative manners like the ‘pasa bilis‘ and ‘peryodikit‘.

The Guild is also noted to have produced a considerable roster of heroes and martyrs like Antonio Tagamolila, Emmanuel Lacaba, Abraham Sarmiento Jr, Evelyn Pacheco, Liliosa Hilao and Lorena Barros in the resistance to the Marcos dictatorship.

“Dismayingly, President Aquino is indulgent to renewing the country’s charter to bend the turn of political events to his favor. It is clear that the President has lost the sense of history and has bowed to the culture of apathy and impunity. It is as if, Aquino is a complete repetition of the dictator Marcos,” Abila stated.

CEGP has continually dissented over the crimes incurred by Aquino to the Filipino people. It almost perceives that today’s societal conditions bear no difference from now.

Furthermore, the Guild urges it members to seek and expose the truth at all costs like its great alumni.

“Marcos has already been ousted. Now that Aquino is treading the dictator’s path, we must forestall every inch of his aggression against the Filipino people,” Abila ended.###