CEGP slams EDCA on transgender’s death

Untitled-3The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) condemns the slay of transgender Jennifer Laude in Subic last October 11. Luade was found dead in a washroom at Celzone Lodge, Olongapo City. Her death adds up to the increasing number of human rights violations brought about by presence of foreign military in the country.

“We extend our condolences and grief to Jennifer’s family. The Guild is in full support to the achievement of justice to the loss of life. The horrendous event depicts the barbaric tendencies of America to abuse the clauses of Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and Enhanced Cooperation Defense Agreement (EDCA),” said Marc Lino Abila, CEGP National President.

Abila posited that these events stem from VFA and EDCA. Unless these one-sided treaties are not junked, human rights violations will prevail in the society. Foreign military presence will never enable Philippines to harness benefits, only chronic forms of abuse.

Progressive youth groups trooped to US Embassy to condemn Jennifer Laude's death. Photo from KARATULA.

Progressive youth groups trooped to US Embassy to condemn Jennifer Laude’s death. Photo from KARATULA.

The Guild holds that this is only a preliminary incident of the unjust treaty. It also criticizes the Aquino government’s incapacity to secure a due process to solve the issue.

“Pathetic. Philippines cannot even bear custody over the alien who grossly murdered a Filipino. This bespeaks the need to terminate VFA and EDCA,” Abila commented.

Furthermore, Abila also contended that gender preference should not be a basis of discrimination more so for one’s death.

“EDCA must come to an end. The American arrogance has no space in the Philippine sovereignty. Existing treaties with America only opens an avenue for abuses such as human rights violations,” Abila ended. ###