CEGP supports Hong Kong protesters, condemns police brutality

Photo from Getty Images.

Photo from Getty Images.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), the broadest alliance of tertiary student publications, fervently supports the movement Occupy Central in Hong Kong.

The Guild stresses that the spearheading of the youth in Hong Kong attests the undying capacity of the youth to become catalysts of social change. Various youth movements were vital to the democratic atmosphere of Hong Kong since United Kingdom turned them over to the Chinese government.  In China’s attempt to forestall a democratic society, the youth shall remain unrest.

The Guild condemns the police brutality inflicted on the protesters who are merely exercising their inherent democratic rights. Furthermore, CEGP slams mainland Chinese bureaucrats for its efforts to harshly end the mass protest instead of solving the current issue.  China must end its intervention on Hong Kong’s electoral process to amicably end people’s outrage

The Guild believes that Hong Kong protesters are not alone in the struggle for democratic and human rights. CEGP calls for the youth and its member publications to be in solidarity with Hong Kong’s demand for democracy. This Occupy Central is an oasis of inspiration for the Filipino youth to progressively and assertively continue the militant struggle in the Philippines.###