CEGP: Education not for sale

Photo courtesy of Youth Act Now.

Photo courtesy of Youth Act Now.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), the oldest and broadest alliance of tertiary campus publications, commemorates the International Students’ Day. The Guild believes that it is timely to set premium concern in the commodification of education.

“The role of the campus press is vital in the exposure of the ills of our education system. Though this day may seem celebratory, it is a day to express our rage and discontent,” Marc Lino Abila, CEGP National President sharply commented.

CEGP pointed out that the current dilemma of the Filipino students is the crass commercialization of education. For the state universities and colleges, budget cuts sever the affluent potentials of underprivileged students. While students of private institutions are burdened by redundant, exorbitant and dubious tuition fees.

 “What is more tragic is the presence of ‘other fees’ which irrationally resorts to students as green pastures for finance. Until now, these unjust collection of questionable fees exists, untouched by CHED and other responsible offices,” Abila explicated.

Abila argued that the challenge for the students of today is to overthrow this reigning tyrant that perpetuates poverty, injustice and inequality. The students’ youthful vigor and immense number is significant enough to be a catalyst of change.

“The International Day of Students is a great avenue to surface our concerns. It attests that heroic virtues and activism students is never passé,” Abila finalized.

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