CEGP condemns military harassment of campus journalists in Bicol

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines highly condemn the recent attacks on campus press wherein CEGP officers and members of The Pillars, the official student publication of Ateneo de Naga University and The Nexus, the official student publication of Baao Community College were, harassed by suspected military elements in Bicol.
CEGP Bicol has received reports that some police officers have been visiting publication offices and interrogating each member, asking key information on the recent activities held by CEGP Bicol, the list of attendees of CEGP’s Luzon-wide student press convention and the whereabouts of Mr. Jan Joseph Goingo, CEGP Vice President for Luzon.
Just this March, Goingo’s attention was called by their student affairs director reporting the same incident. He was also informed that the Regional office of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in Bicol has issued a memorandum to conduct an investigation to all student publications in Bicol who participated in
“This is a clear manifestation of harassment and attacks against the campus press. Even our campuses have never been safe for campus journalists. With the government’s disrespect to civil liberties, the campus press always falls prey to the state’s fangs of fascism,” said Jose Mari Callueng, CEGP national president.
“Time and again, we have been the subject of state repression. Clearly, these are all calibrated attacks of the state under Duterte’s counter-insurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan and its more intensified version of operation triad (psywar, intelligence and combat) only showing its fascist orientation,” Callueng pointed out.
CEGP has kept its advocacy and orientation as a patriotic and democratic alliance of tertiary publications and it has always been at the frontline in every fight of the Filipino people for their democratic interests.
“The Duterte administration leaves a blood stained legacy to the people. Since he assumed presidency, records of human rights violations have not been abated,” Callueng said.
“As a campus press, we also defend the people’s rights in times when what we write eventually need to serve as a political force and yet what we get is threats to our lives. Our government spits fire against anyone who speaks against its anti-people policies,” Callueng added.
CEGP insists and strongly believes that an action should be done and therefore affirms its stand to fight people’s rights against state repression and uphold people’s democratic rights.
“We may be threatened, but we are not frightened to fight for our rights,” Callueng ended.