About us


The CEGP is the oldest and broadest intercollegiate alliance of student publications inthe country. Since its foundation, the Guild has remained steadfast in its commitment to uphold freedom of expression, press freedom and students’ democratic rights. This dedication is what continues to unite and consolidate CEGP’s more than 750 member publications from different schools nationwide.

An alliance of Tertiary student publications

  • Membership is open to all tertiary student publications
  • It has over 750 student publications as members from more than 500 schools in 68 (out of 78) provinces and cities nationwide
A patriotic and democratic organization
  • It is patriotic. It ardently struggles against foreign domination and control in the economy, politics, culture and all spheres of national life.
  • It is democratic. It upholds and defends the interest and welfare of the Filipino youth and people. This commitment has kept the CEGP as the oldest-existing and the widest youth organization. The national center for the advancement of campus press freedom.
  • It is steadfast in protecting and defending the right of every student to seek, receive and impart information through any medium without any interference.
Our Demands
  • reopen all closed student publications
  • establish publications in all schools
  • end all forms of campus press repression
Our Objectives
  • Work for the professionalization and independence of the campus press.
  • Uphold the highest standards and ethics of journalism.
  • Uphold and defend campus press freedom and other student democratic rights at all levels.
  • Raise the social consciousness of campus journalists and the Filipino people in general.
  • Support people’s issues and actively participate in their struggle.
  • Cooperate with organizations and prominent individuals here and abroad with the similar objectives
  • Support the professional media and their struggle for genuine press freedom.


• It continues to attract new member and give assistance to all publications without discrimination. It reaches even
secondary student publications aspiring to establish the High School Editors Guild of the Philippines.
• The Guild launches campaigns on campus press freedom, students’ and people’s issues in local, sectoral and
national levels. We work to resolve more than 300 cases of campus press freedom violations.
• The Guild leads nationwide campaigns to reopen all closed student publications, establish publications in all
schools, and end all forms of campus press repression.
• We forge unities and conduct activities with other organizations—bilaterally and multilaterally—on
press freedom, civil liberties, education, women and gay’s rights, environment, people’s issues, etc.
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