Article III


Section 1. Membership in the CEGP shall be open to any student publication of a college or university, vocational or technical school, seminary or convent.

Section 2. Application for membership may be filed with either a CEGP provincial chapter or with the National Student Press Congress. The National Student Press Congress, through two-third (2/3) vote of the full-pledged member publication present, be the sole authority to grant full membership and shall finally approve, probationary membership granted by the provincial chapters.

Section 3.  A membership fee, to be determined by the National Council prior to the holding of the National Congress, shall be paid annually by every member publication either during the National Student Press Congress, Convention or through any member of the National Council.

Article IV

Rights and Privileges of Members

Section 1. Every member publication shall have the following rights and privileges:

  1. to be informed fully of all the affairs of the CEGP and the reasons for policies, programs, projects and actions as may be adopted its policy-making bodies;
  2. to be represented by their fully chosen delegates during the National Student Press Congress and other activities;
  3. to participate in discussions and debates, submit resolutions and suggestions to have any dissenting opinion and the reasons thereof be recorded;
  4. to be elected into office;
  5. to have access into records, financial or otherwise, of the organization;
  6. to avail the services/assistance as maybe rendered  by the CEGP;
  7. to enjoy such other rights and privileges that the National Student Press Congress may grant.

Section 2. Each member publication present during the National Student Press Congress shall be entitled to one vote.

Article V

Duties and Responsibilities of Members

Section 1. Every member shall abide by the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. to uphold the Constitution of the CEGP;
  2. to abide by the policies, decisions and regulations which may be promulgated by all policy-making and governing bodies of the CEGP;
  3. to participate in all programs, projects and actions adopted by the CEGP;
  4. to adhere to the principles and pursue the objectives of the CEGP;
  5. to provide space and feature the positions taken by CEGP on the national and sectoral issues; and
  6. to pay dues and other fees promptly.