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CEGP VOL-SEC is a group of committed individuals who desire to assist the Guild. They dedicate their skills and efforts in making the Guild’s activities possible. To be a VOL-SEC is to give some of your time and effort in service to your fellow Guilders, to your local community, and to the rest of the nation as well. A VOL-SEC member may choose to serve with their local regional formation or with the CEGP National Office.

Every VOL-SEC member joins a specific committee, where every committee has its own unique line work. These committees will hone each VOL-SEC member a particular skill set. Please read each committee description then choose your committee wisely.

After reading the descriptions, fill-in the VOL-SEC application form below.

Thank you and welcome to CEGP VOL-SEC!



Campaign: This committee serves as the Guild’s help desk for victims of campus press freedom violations, budget issues, administrative power abuse, and all other publication concerns. Aside from press freedom issues, this committee is also a help desk for other concerns of the youth such as Tuition Fee Increase (TFI) and K+12 issues, as well as people’s issues like human rights violations, environmental concerns, indigenous people concerns, and more. The Guild, as a patriotic and democratic national institution, caters all of these social issues.

Specifically, the Campaign committee designs activities to address these issues, from calling member publications to publish articles to conducting unity actions.

Organizing: Consolidation of member publications and the expansion of the Guild’s membership are the core task of the Organizing committee. This committee ensures that every Guilder remains updated to the Guild’s activities. This committee also spearheads island-wide conventions and the National Student Press Convention (NSPC). And recently, they plan to convene the first High School Editors Guild of the Philippines.

Alliance: Similar to the Organizing committee, this committee also focuses on public relations. But instead of membership, the Alliance committee’s task is to forge strong partnerships with other organizations, institutions, and media outfits that share mutual interests and advocacy with the Guild.

Research and Publications: Posters, press statements, and photo-ops are only some of the products made by this committee. Composed of talented writers, photographers, illustrators, and lay-out artists, the Research and Publications committee is in the forefront in giving the sharpest and critical analyses of today’s social and political issues. Aside from frequent news updates in the web, this committee keeps media contacts so the Guild’s statements will surely be heard by the public. The National Guilder, the annual CEGP Magazine, is one of the major projects of this committee.

Education: The Education committee ensures that the Guilders will have quality and meaningful learning experience during seminars, workshops, and classroom discussions. It is the task of this committee to implement the Antonio Tagamolina Education Program (ATAEP): the education program with the unique blend of excellence in journalism and sharp social and political perspective. This committee spearheads alternative classroom discussions such as the Silid Aklatan, forums, and roundtable discussions.

Finance: In every organization, finance matters matter. The Finance committee ensures that every peso counts and will only be used for meaningful activities. Also, because the Guild is a non-stock and non-profit organization, this committee conducts fund raising activities and income generating projects for the maintenance and operating expenses of the National Office.

Basic Masses Integration: This committee provides venues for Guilders to experience the “real life” by clinching Basic Masses Integrations (BMI.) These events are excursions with social relevance as the Guilders will get to know marginalized communities such as the indigenous people, peasants, fisher folks, miners, migrants, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities. The BMI committee should make every excursion meaningful and fun.

International Solidarity Work: Because the Guild is a recognized student institution across the country, we tie-up with other student institutions abroad, like the Asian Students Association (ASA.) The International Relations committee strengthens the relationship of the Guild with these institutions as they share reports and plan joint projects for mutual benefit.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the National Office through any of the following:
Hotline No.: (+63)936-902-6236
Facbook Page: College Editors Guild of the Philippines – National Office
Twitter: @GuilderPH


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